ANOTHER TEQUILA SUNRISE is America’s premier Tribute to the Eagles. Since 2001, this New England based tribute band has been delighting sell-out crowds across the country with a catalog of music that encompasses the classics and deep cuts from the Eagles’ studio collection, as well as the biggest hits from the solo careers of Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Joe Walsh.

And they do this with an unparalleled commitment to the music.  Another Tequila Sunrise has gone beyond the realm of understanding “how” this music was made.  Yes, their ability to recreate these iconic studio sounds does not go unnoticed; but what really sets them apart is their ability to recreate the Eagles’ LIVE experience.  And to do that, one must understand not only “how” the music was made, but also “why”. Why does Henley alter his drumming pattern ever-so-slightly? Why does Felder choose this particular lick or passage over another? Uncovering these notions is crucial to peeling back the layers of these timeless songs, the key to improvising like an Eagle, and the secret to delivering a painstakingly authentic Eagles LIVE experience…..and this all-star lineup has it in spades.

So, do yourself a favor; grab a pair of front-row tickets, and let Another Tequila Sunrise transport you back to a warm night in the summer of ’77, on a dark desert highway, cool wind in your hair.

The band members are:

Rick Steinau as “Randy Meisner – Timothy B. Schmidt”

Keith Brindle as “Don Henley”

Jeff Griffith as “Glenn Frey”

Mike Fretwell as “Joe Walsh”

Jeremy Beek as “Don Felder – Stewart Smith”

Jon Audette as “Joe Vitale”

Steve Brodi as “Scott Crago”