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The Greater Plymouth Performing Arts Center, Inc. (GPPAC) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2010 and dedicated to performing arts and educational programs which support the vibrant arts community in the greater South Shore region.  The organization founded The Spire, a venue to serve as a mecca for the arts and showcasing music, theatre and dance performances as well as education that supports the performing arts.  GPPAC strives to present a wide variety of entertainment appealing to all generations within our region as well as the thriving New England tourist community. As a cultural asset The Spire will provide an economic boost to historic Plymouth's active downtown area as the cornerstone for the arts as well as serving as a point of pride for its residents.





Greater Plymouth Performing Arts Center, Inc. was founded in 2010 as the foundation to accomplish a mission: to launch a performing arts center to serve the Greater Plymouth region.  The active organization spent several years in search of the perfect venue for their plan which was discovered in the dormant Congregation Beth Jacob’s community center, formerly a Methodist church built in 1886.   In October, 2012 the Plymouth Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly to appropriate $650K in Community Preservation Funds to acquire and renovate the building at 25 1/2 Court Street in downtown Plymouth.  The Town of Plymouth has graciously entrusted GPPAC with the building, now widely known as “The Spire”, with a 100 year near free lease of their treasured property.  GPPAC supports the commitment of the Community Preservation Committee in ensuring The Spire’s preservation for future generations.





Tremendous acoustics, sightlines, and an architecturally beautiful interior are The Spire’s trademark. The 225-seat performance hall features superior acoustics, custom state of the art lighting and sound systems and original period architectural details offering patrons an exceptional performing arts experience.   The 3-story building resides in the epicenter of America's Hometown where the growing arts vibe infuses the historical and cultural district with creativity year-round.  The Spire’s lower level is dedicated to classrooms for performing arts education and theater troupes, a state of the art recording studio, rehearsal studios and community activities. 





A vast variety of music performance and eclectic theater productions fill out the majority of The Spire’s yearly entertainment calendar.  Concerts, master classes and variety shows will be produced in house, as well as offered in our venue as a rental facility.  Our house community theatre will produce four to five productions each year and a summer Shakespeare series will fill out the warm weather season.  Special weekend Festivals are in the works, each featuring a unique musical genre including jazz, blues, rock, classical, country and Americana, offering Plymouth a more diverse entertainment scene than ever before.



Promotional Demographics


The historic town of Plymouth serves as the new cultural core of the South Shore, offering the finest in arts, culture and entertainment.  With the 400th anniversary on the horizon tourism and visitor traffic is heightened providing the highest visitor statistics in decades. 

As a stand-alone community Plymouth is home to a population of 60,000 residents diversified by about 10% minority cultures.  56% of residents are between the ages of 26 to 54, a perfect target for The Spire’s programming.  32% of households have an estimated median income of more than $75K per year, supporting the opportunity for sponsors to be visible to an affluent target demographic. 

The Spire’s broad programming promises a reach far beyond its hometown neighbors.  With marketing plans in place to reach all of Southeastern Massachusetts advertising and public relations efforts will touch the regions South of Boston including Plymouth, South Shore, Cape Cod and the South Coast.  The South Shore geographically stretches south and east from Boston toward Cape Cod along the shores of Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay including municipalities in eastern Norfolk and Plymouth counties.  The South Coast region consists of southern Bristol and Plymouth counties bordering Buzzards Bay and includes the cities of Fall River, New Bedford, the southeastern tip of East Taunton and nearby towns.

Comprehensive marketing and advertising plans are in place to serve the visibility of The Spire, its programs and sponsors.  Display advertising campaigns will appear in mainstream publications including The Boston Globe, The Patriot Ledger, GateHouse publications (WickedLocal.com) and more, while an active social media campaign will raise constant awareness on popular platforms including Facebook and Twitter.  Radio, digital and print magazine visibility will intermittently enrich the marketing fabric of The Spire’s presence to the public, appropriate to the scope of each individual production, as well as community newspaper, poster and banner advertisements.